Two Ways Data Science is Changing the Future of the Weight Room


There are some amazing things developing in S&C…

A few of which we’ve summarized in our post 'The Emergence of Motion-Based Training’. Innovations that help us make sense of the training information that surrounds us will increasingly become paramount to success. Sports tech has been focused primarily on lagging indicators for years and products have gotten great at measuring and tracking in-game performance, but the time spent in-game is a small fraction of the time an athlete is performing. The relative lack of leading indicators has many reasons, and not least among them is a lack of powerful data science.

In the effort of being proactive about our coaching rather than reactive, we need to be as far upstream as possible, which means collecting many pieces of data that can impact an athlete on game day.

Recording meaningful data is a challenge as devices like RepOne are only starting to deliver the necessary technology to teams but once that barrier is cleared, making sense of it is the real challenge.

Lifter Clustering

This is a project we’ve been looking forward to since we started collecting lifting data. Lifter Clustering is the...

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