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Connected fitness, reimagined. 

RepOne Connected is a different approach to making equipment smart, that meets athletes and coaches where they are.

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We work with innovative manufacturers to make smart versions of your favorite exercise equipment, so it can connect to the RepOne ecosystem.

  • World class training app, all of your favorite equipment, all in one place

    Create or download a workout plan and track performance on a growing list of RepOne Connected equipment.

  • Live Metrics

    As data comes in, information about how well you executed each rep is automatically logged, stored, and compared against previous sessions.

  • Let the Data Help you Make Training Decisions

    This isn't a typical third-party integration. Because we work closely with each manufacturer, our apps are aware of exactly what your data means, so your guidance can change based on how you're performing in that moment.

  • No assembly required

    We work directly with equipment manufacturers to make a version of their product, or a brand new product, RepOne Connected.

Meet RepOne Coach, Station, and Athlete

The new RepOne Athlete app is coming in 2024. Read about it here.

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Weight room Management

Perform better, injure less

Automatically regulate training intensity, volume, and more, across all connected equipment and devices, with RepOne Coach and RepOne Station.

Remote & self-training

Train one, or train all

With the all new RepOne Athlete mobile app coming in 2024, you can download or create new training plans for yourself, a group of friends, or hundreds of clients, and watch sets complete in real-time. All at no cost to train yourself, or fewer than 10 athletes. 

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Take back control of your data

Use the full power of RepOne to put the data you collect into action. Analyze, automate, and guide training performance in-person, off-season, or anywhere in the world.

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Kratos Flywheel

Our first RepOne Connected partnership brings flywheel to the 21st century, continuing Kratos's trend of innovation in the flywheel space.

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RepOne Tether

The original RepOne Connected device - Tether collects primarily barbell training data, and can attach to anything worth tracking, with an easy to use interface and gold-standard accuracy.

We're already working with some of the best equipment manufacturers on the planet to build more RepOne Connected products. Let your voice be heard - what piece of equipment do you want to see in the RepOne ecosystem?

What equipment do you want us to connect with next?

Are you a leader in exercise equipment?

What RepOne Connected does for Partners

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Compete in connected fitness with our powerful sensing and beautiful apps.

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Enter new verticals while keeping your attention on building amazing equipment.

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Creating RepOne Connected equipment takes a fraction of the budget and timeline compared to internal development. 

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Acquire customers who find value not only in the quality of your equipment, but in a greater ecosystem of connected products.

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Create content that helps athletes get the most out of your equipment.

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Get usage metrics, maintenance statistics, and fleet management tools on connected products.

How it works

Equipment manufacturers who have electronics and software experience can use our API's and SDK to build interfaces in our apps that are unique to each piece of equipment. Alternatively, we can develop UI, and work with manufacturing to integrate our smart modules. In either case, we work closely with each organization to make sure all RepOne Connected equipment is best in class.


The best connected equipment solves users real problems. Before the first line of code is written, we learn as much as we can from the organization and their customers.


Each org coordinates with us to make a bullet list of must-have metrics, features, services, and content that takes their equipment to the next level.


We work closely with engineering, from early validation through manufacturing and production, so orgs can create incredible exercise experiences.

We focus on great tech, you focus on great equipment

Why RepOne?

Our founding team has a combined 30 years experience in creating tech for health and fitness.

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Our CEO founded Squats & Science, where he revolutionized affordable access to Velocity Based Training with OpenBarbell, and created S&S gyms, NYC's first 24 hour barbell sports training facilities.

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Head of Design

Our Head of Product was the Head of Design at Noom Health, an innovative health and weight loss company valued at $10B.

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Lead Dev

Our CTO led software development for Soul Cycle through their expansion outside the US, into Canada and the UK.

We're a Techstars Portfolio Company

RepOne is backed by the largest pre-seed/seed investor in the world.

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Become the next RepOne Connected Product