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Kratos, welcome to the family

Our first RepOne Connected partnership brings flywheel to the 21st century,

continuing Kratos's trend of innovation in the flywheel space.

Frame 161-4

Track your barbell training and your flywheel training, all in the same app.

  • Collect it all

    Concentric and eccentric rep data shows up instantly in the RepOne Personal app and is stored forever with a free account.

  • Review your session

    Easily scroll through your Set Metrics to get a high level overview of today's workout, or dive into history to see how it compares to last month.

  • All of the metrics

    With over 100 metrics to choose from, you can keep the most important data top of mind so you know exactly what to do next.

  • Add velocity to the mix

    When you train with RepOne Tether, keeping tabs on all of your most important training data has never been easier.

Frame 207
RepOne Tether and Kratos in same shot
Frame 208
Frame 205
R1P or R1A
Frame 206

Kratos is RepOne Coach, Station, and Athlete ready.

The new RepOne Athlete app is coming in 2024. Read about it here.

Frame 167

Kratos is about to level up. With full RepOne integration, you can download, create, and share flywheel training plans with yourself, your friends, clients, or your team. 


Why Kratos Flywheel

The science speaks for itself. Variable resistance, eccentric overload, isoinertial loading - flywheel enables training modes that are impossible to get with any other piece of equipment. Take it from our CEO, who uses eccentric overload on Kratos to rehab his bicep tendonitis.

IMG_2770 (1)

Flywheel works for all

Kratos Flywheel provides a unique strength workout that works as hard as you do. No matter what type of athlete you are you be sure there's a workout for you. 

DSCF7176 1

Get Started

It's simple. Buy your Kratos Quest, download the RepOne Personal app, start Lifting.

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