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For trainers and teams

Who is StrengthOS for?

The strength & conditioning coach looking to manage their weight room and optimize team workouts.

The personal trainer striving to grow an online training business and scale programming.

The private training facility seeking to optimize their business and provide next-level group training.

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An Assistant at Every Rack

Keep track of over a dozen athletes per rack. Each athlete’s workout is surveyed, monitored, and logged on our Station app to deliver real-time velocity-based guidance. 

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Smart Auto-Tracking

True auto-regulated training. Set your target metric and our system will deliver it to each athlete, guide them up or down depending on their performance, count reps, track rest, and more.

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Advanced Program Builder

The flexibility of Excel and the power of tightly integrated workout tracking. Build a season of training in minutes that can individualize training loads for hundreds of athletes on the fly.

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Get stronger with the power of data.

Team-scale velocity-based training with the first fully hardware-integrated athlete management system.

While your athletes work out, RepOne's smart sensor logs hundreds of performance data points for every rep.

Using this data the kiosk walks athletes through your program and adjusts each individual load or volume to keep them in your optimal target.


Build programs with velocity targets that RepOne will use to regulate load and volume

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powerful software

Your weight room, just smarter.

Manage your roster

Add as many athletes and coaches as you want. StrengthOS can replace your existing AMS and open up your budget.

Program with velocity

Using the world's most advanced program builder, regulate load and volume with your choice of velocity metrics.

Designed for efficiency

Easily duplicate and move everything from individual sets to entire workouts and set custom defaults to speed up your workflow. You've never programmed faster.

Linked maxes

Giving you incredible power to define formulas that will calculate maxes for each athlete off a single tested movement.

smart scheduling system

Freeing you from printing and passing out paper workout cards. Make edits and improvements without having to reassign workouts.

live view

Have a real-time overview of your weight room and everything that's happening in it. An athlete had a bad set on the other side of the gym? You'll know right away.

Twitter love

"Using the RepOne sensors with the StrengthOS software has greatly improved our athlete's and clients' experiences at our facility. The immediate feedback the athletes get set to set and usable data that our coaches pull and analyze gives us so much more insight into adjusting programming and what our athletes need to work on. The ability to auto-regulate each workout has given us more freedom to push harder while keeping injuries at a minimum. The interface of the app and unit also allows us to manage more clients at once than we could have previously, with the coach being able to pay a higher degree of attention to form while not being incredibly concerned with determining RPE, % of max, or RIR. Couldn’t recommend it more for a facility that is focusing on athletic training and wanting to maximize training efficiency and minimize injury."

William Fain, Iron Vault

One tool for all your weight room needs.