What is VBT?

What is VBT?

If you’re like me, it’s difficult to know whether or not I’m improving each week, or how difficult a set really was. Having objective feedback can reduce uncertainty when it comes to training, and this is where velocity based training (VBT) shines.

VBT involves the implementation of either an inertial measurement unit, cameras, or a linear position transducer to monitor the speed of a barbell movement or exercise.

More specifically, the Repone Sensor is a linear position transducer that is implemented for VBT to measure velocity (meters per second) of a lift to help the user make more informed training decisions. 

Why would we use VBT?

Often, it can be difficult to determine whether or not we are exerting too little effort or overreaching within a training session. RepOne sensors take the mystery out of your lifts: are you feeling slow today, or actually lifting more slowly?

The implementation of a Repone Sensor and VBT protocol can aid in precision within a training cycle while alleviating the uncertainty of loading, frequency, volume, and rest parameters.

Furthermore, there are two primary motivations for the use of VBT:

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