Using the RepOne 3D motion Sensor with your Olympic Lifts

The RepOne Sensor is a device that records your movements during exercise and identifies the starting and ending points of each repetition based on changes in direction. Additionally, it only records repetitions that are over 150mm in length.

When analyzing the data provided by the RepOne Sensor, it can be helpful to focus on the range of motion (ROM) data. By doing so, you can easily identify the number of repetitions performed. For instance, if you notice two ROMs that fall within the range of 1150 to 1200mm, followed by another ROM around 600-700mm, and one or two instances of short ROM superfluous reps, you can determine that you have completed two repetitions.

When performing a snatch, the first phase of the exercise is the full snatch, from the start to the catch, which should not have any change in direction due to the conservation of momentum. The second phase is the recovery/finish. Any additional data points that fall outside of these two phases are likely from walking forward or backward slightly or from bounces that are over 150mm.

Overall, analyzing the ROM data can provide valuable insights into your performance during exercise and eliminate the reps that the RepOne Sensor counts, helping you to identify areas for improvement and track your progress over time.