Olympic Lifting with the RepOne Sensor

Understand how to best use the RepOne Sensor for your Olympic lifts.

For context: RepOne Sensor starts and ends reps based on a change in direction, and only records reps over 150mm in length.

When performing an Olympic lift the data becomes a bit easier to interpret if you look at the ROM data. For example, a snatch is comprised of two reps, as there are two ROMs. The first portion may be around 1150 to 1200mm, followed by another rep around 600-700mm, followed by one or two instances of what looks like short ROM superfluous reps. The first phase is the full snatch from start to catch, which according to physics won't have a change in direction due to the conservation of momentum. The second phase is the recovery/finish, and the rest of the data are likely from walking forward/backward a bit, or maybe from bounces that are over 150mm.