Kratos FAQ's

Can I get my current Kratos Flywheel upgraded to become RepOne Connected?

Yes, you can order your RepOne Connected module by reaching out to Kratos directly


Where can I buy a RepOne Connected Kratos Flywheel?

You can buy a brand new Kratos Flywheel with RepOne Connected at Kratos Fly Fitness's website. 


Where can I see the data?

You can see your rep and set metrics through a Bluetooth connection to the RepOne Personal App. The RepOne Athlete App will be available soon.


When do I have to charge my Kratos Flywheel?
Please be advised that the Kratos Flywheel requires approximately one minute to charge when it is out of battery. It is imperative to take note of this duration as the charging process initiates with a series of LED boot animations, followed by a stabilization period lasting between 30 to 60 seconds. Once this period elapses, the device will attain sufficient power to remain operational while connected to a USB cord.