Missed reps

Missed data is never acceptable. Read this to either solve on your end, or start a troubleshooting process so we can get it fixed.

There are two different types of missed reps.
1. Missed reps on the RepOne Sensor/Tether side
2. Missed reps on the app side (RepOne Personal, Athlete, or Station)
To fix this issue, we first need to identify which type of missed rep you have. If you tilt back to review previous reps on the OLED display of your Sensor/Tether and all reps can be found, then the issue is likely in the app. If they're missing on the OLED display, the issue is likely on your VBT device.
Missed reps on RepOne Sensor/Tether 
If your RepOne Sensor/Tether is fully charged and you're missing reps, there are only a couple known reasons why this might happen. The most common is due to your rep Range of Motion (ROM) being below 150 mm. In firmware versions after v0.8.25, this was changed to 130 mm. If the reps that were not missed were all close to 150 mm or 130 mm, there's a good chance this is the cause.
Another know issue that can cause missed reps is a loose encoder magnet. The encoder magnet is glued in place and assembly issues, although rare, do happen. If you can pull a rep with your hand in a quiet place, listen to hear any noise continue after your hand has stopped moving. An encoder magnet that has become unglued will continue to spin. If this is the case contact customer support for next steps.
Although our firmware is thoroughly tested, sometimes there are bugs that escape our processes. A Power On Reset (POR) can cause missed reps, and sometimes you won't know this even happened as the duration of a POR is quite short, and the OLED display will look normal by the time your set is done. If you can record a video with both the reps and the OLED display in frame, you can catch this happening and report it to customer support where we can help resolve the problem.
Missed reps on RepOne Personal, Athlete, or Station
Earlier versions of RepOne Personal had issues where if the app were backgrounded while recording video in the phone's native camera app, or while surfing social media between sets, the phone's operating system will 'freeze' our app and 'unfreeze' it when re-opened. This freezing process disables the Bluetooth connection, causing reps to not display on the app.
We fixed this with an update in late 2023 for iOS, but the issue is still device-dependent on Android. If you're experiencing this on an Android device, we recommend making sure the RepOne Personal app is open during your sets.
This applies to the upcoming RepOne Athlete and RepOne Station apps as well. Although it's rare that RepOne Station experiences backgrounding as it's typically used in a professional setting.
There are no other known issues that can cause missed reps. If neither of these situations apply to you, reach out to customer service and we'll help troubleshoot.