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How to Re-Glue the Encoder Magnet

If your sensor is recording slow reps it may be because the encoder magnet has detached.

Here’s how you can tell - if you pull a fast rep with your hand while keeping the unit close to your ear, you can hear something continue to spin for a second or so when your hand has stopped moving.

Follow the steps below to re-glue your encoder magnet. 

  1. Place your RepOne Sensor on a metallic surface so the base of the unit doesn’t move during disassembly. Turn off device and unscrew top four screws, but leaving them in place so the gaskets underneath the clear screen cover don’t come loose.
  2. Lift up housing keeping the clear screen cover and screws in place, and unplug battery and switch wires. Keep note of how these wires are tucked away so you can recreate this during re-assembly, so the wires aren’t in the way of the housing.
  3. Lift the top chassis up (the plastic part carrying the electronics) and keep it inside the outer housing. Be careful not to let the tether come off the spool or it will wrap around the axle and you’ll need to send it in for repair.
  4. Apply superglue to the magnet in three or four separate areas, making sure the glue gets between the magnet and plastic spindle housing. Apply the glue the flat side of the magnet, on the side of the spindle that the bearings are on. You can pull up the outer housing/top chassis such that the spindle turns 1/3 or 1/4 turn, so you can do another application of glue.
  5. Let the glue dry, then re-assemble.
  6. When re-assembling, be careful that the wires aren’t pinched by the housing. Also be careful that the USB port fits inside the hole in the clear screen cover before screwing the device back together.
  7. Don’t over-tighten the top screws or it may crack the screen cover (this won’t impact functionality, only appearance)