Calculate your Estimated One-Rep Max

Use the data you have collected to figure out what your estimated one-rep max is

After you open up the RepOne Personal App and connect to your RepOne Tether, navigate to the "Analysis" tab. 

How to Calculate 1RM from a Single Session

1. Do six of your chosen exercise, starting from the bar and ending at 90% of your previous 1RM 9eg. bar, 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, 90%)

2. Log the RPE, the weight used, and the same exercise and tags for each set

3. Go to the Analysis Tab, select the exercise and tags you used for the 6 sets, and set the date range to 1 day. 

4. Set the velocity to the slowest you think you can complete a 1RM and tap Calculate (speeds can vary depending on the exercise)


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